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Mayaidea, is to make the design more vitality, more comprehensive and to make the brand more meaningful...

The impression of Mayaidea,is a professional brand organization that integrates the design, planning, execution and e-commerce. Unlike management consulting firms and simple design firms, Mayaidea is focusing on the creation and the management of the brands for the customers from the brand’s equity research, the market insight, the brand opportunity analysis, the brand strategy, the brand portfolio planning, and brand design (including the brand identification design, the environmental space guide design, the packaging design, the network design, etc.) to the comprehensive services for the internal products of the brand introduction and the brand management system construction. And these comprehensive services are in order to enhance the brand influence of customers at home and abroad.Mayaidea has the highest quality customer base: P & G, Wanda, Panasonic, State Grid, Nike, China Mobile, China Southern Airlines, China Unicom, China Shenhua, China petroleum, China Resources, Maoye, Poly, country Garden. , Bank of China, Guangfa Developing Bank, etc.

At present, Mayaidea covers nearly 90 cities in China, including not only four municipalities directly cities under the central government but also 90% provincial capitals, and it has maintained stable cooperative relations with many well-known brands and advertising agencies. Customer's main industries are distributed in the automobile, the electronic products, the finance, the alcohol, the cosmetics, the food and beverage, the luxury goods, the airlines, the electronic communications industries and so on.

Mayaidea’s mission is to make the customer's business venture fresh, and to this end the strength of all business units will be gathered, and it will constantly create driving force of projects and marketing cases. When the industry is changing, we will also change our thinking, using creativity, innovation and in-depth research to promote customer earnings, so that the marketing activities can help the brand development.Why we choose the Mayaidea? It is because we are advocating,  managing  along the way and encouraging the creation atmosphere here. Mayaidea is to stick to the idea of educating people to the best of their ability, and there is a lot of time and money investing in staff training to ensure that everyone can progress and improve, and we always see this poit as a top priority.

Mayaidea believes that it is the only way to  maintain high morale and excellence of the employees, and we can  guarantee the high quality of the service to our customers.The emperor has no boundaries, and has a great visual beauty. From the design works to the works of art, the Mayaidea took 13 years and 13 years of precipitation. We attentively presented with a13 years of heart, and we will make the Mayaidea more look forward to the future.

This is Mayaidea.We are on the road.